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OrthoVista® for the 21st Century

Tired of buying the latest and greatest computer system only to find out that your software does not come close to fully utilizing the capabilities of your new system? Stellacore Solutions, LLC (successor in interest to Stellacore Corporation, the creator of OrthoVista®) provides OrthoVistaXtreme (the 21st century version of OrthoVista®) to the market as an extreme alternative to OrthoVista®.

Unlock the power of that new computer system you implemented or even tap the potential of your old system. Performance and ease of use matters. Seamless orthoimage mosaics are as easy as 1, 2, 3, (literally the user interface workflow) and 2 to 10X faster with OrthoVista®Xtreme. OrthoVista®Xtreme improves the quality, utility and value of digital orthoimage products through automation of the color correction and mosaic stitching process.


Stellacore Solutions, LLC developed OrthoVista®Xtreme, from the foundation up, to advance Orthovista® (originally created in 1997 by Stellacore) to the 21st century. OrthoVistaX®treme is available directly from Stellacore Solutions or from BAE Systems.


Upgrade from the legacy OrthoVista solution to OrthoVistaXtreme, today. For more information on OrthoVistaXtreme visit or BAE’s site. To download and run OrthoVistaXtreme in demo mode visit Stellacore Solutions’ site or or BAE’s site. Note: Current release is version 6.0.9a. OVX v6.0.9a is a re-release of OVX v6.0.9 with a fix to resolve an autoseamline issue for OV to OVX complimentary/transition workflows.


OrthoVista® and OrthoVistaXtremeTM history

A review of the OrthoVista® history:

1.     Began development on OrthoVista® as a product in late 1996 based on input from DigitalGlobe

2.     Delivered the initial working prototype to DigitalGlobe in early 1997

3.     Delivered the first production ready release to DigitalGlobe in mid 1997

4.     Sold first licenses beyond DigitalGlobe to Emerge in early 1998

5.     Entered into a global exclusive marketing and distribution agreement with Zeiss in mid 1998

6.     Started OrthoVista® Direct (direct sales and marketing) in mid 1999 due to the agreement with Zeiss unraveling when the proposed Zeiss Photogrammetry/LH Systems merger came apart

7.     Began a global marketing and distribution relationship with INPHO GmbH in late 1999

8.     Entered into an exclusive global marketing, distribution and development agreement with INPHO GmbH in 2001

9.     Carried over the exclusive with INPHO to Trimble when INPHO GmbH was acquired by Trimble in early 2007

10.  Ended the exclusive agreement with Trimble on December 31, 2011

11.  Entered into a global exclusive marketing, support and distribution agreement with BAE Systems in March 2013 for OrthoVistaXtreme (OVX)

12.  Creates (late 2012 to late 2013) OrthoVistaXtreme, from the foundation up, to advance Orthovista (originally created in 1997 by Stellacore) to the 21st century

13.  July 2013 Stellacore Solutions, LLC created Stellacore Solutions, LLC which became the successor in interest to Stellacore Corporation IP including OrthoVista® and OrthoVista®Xtreme

14.  OVX (standalone version) release December 2013

15.  June 2014 revised the agreement with BAE Systems to be a non-exclusive marketing, support and distribution agreement

16.  Current release version 6.0.9a Dec. 2014

17.  Ongoing development of OVX … stay tuned …


OrthoVista® Next Generation OrthoVista®Xtreme

Performance matters. OrthoVista®Xtreme offers enhanced functionality that represents the future of digital image mosaicking. OrthoVista has been the standard mosaicking application throughout the photogrammetric mapping and remote sensing industry since its creation by Stellacore in 1997. OrthoVista improves the quality, utility and value of digital orthophoto products through automation of the color correction and mosaic stitching process. Now, Stellacore Solutions, LLC has entirely overhauled OrthoVista from the foundation up, to create OrthoVista®Xtreme and incorporate high-performance throughput capabilities to match 21st century project requirements.


Additional Aerial Solutions from Stellacore Solutions, LLC

Need a software solution for your oblique imaging projects? PictoVera is THE robust solution to meet your needs for oblique imaging projects especially for projects requiring high-fidelity oblique imagery results.  Have projects flown at multiple altitudes and with multiple single or multi-sensor payloads (multiple aircraft)? PictoVera is THE robust solution to meet your complex aerial data acquisition project needs especially for projects requiring a simultaneous adjustment with observations from multiple sensors.

PictoVera is a software system that processes source data from airborne pushbroom (Leica ADS40/80, Wehrli 3OC, etc.), or frame ( Intergraph DMC, Microsoft Vexcel Imaging UltraCam, etc.), or oblique (custom, Wehrli and Lead’Air MIDAS, etc.), multi-sensor and cross-sensor (optical and LiDAR) payloads/systems. Multiple data products are produced automatically, reliably, efficiently, and profitably. Products include classic orthophotos and high quality stereo-models. The system has sufficient performance that one inexpensive computer is capable to process all data from a single sensor system. PictoVera provides production-scale processing for airborne sensor systems. Additional Information.


Stellacore Solutions, LLC

Stellacore Solutions, LLC provides professional software products and consulting services addressing a variety of system technologies including aerial (vertical and oblique), ground, and hand-held non-contact sensing applications with a focus on integration, calibration, and processing for optical, laser, inertial and positioning sensing systems. A variety of software products, specialized in-house software components and consulting services are available for use on your imaging and LiDAR projects. Find out more at


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